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There is nothing like a film that can convey a complicated concept and grab one's attention! Let us start with  Chemical Party.

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In the framework of the iOpenShell project (sponsored by NSF), two films highlighting some aspects of interaction of molecules and light were created.

Shine a Light (subtitled versions: Russian or Spanish)
Note: "Shine a Light" was one of the 10 finalists in the NSF-wide visualization competition of 2011.

Laser (subtitled versions: Russian, Spanish)

Screenshot from 'Shine a Light'

Dancing couples illustrate the concept of molecular orbitals and pairs of electrons.

Recently Added It is even possible to learn chemistry with funny videos!

Let us introduce a "Dogs Teaching Chemistry" series. At first, two tail-bearing teachers explain conceptions of covalent and ionic chemical bonds:

But the initiative has not stopped on that single result. The second video shows structure of atoms:

Let us hope that new lessons will become available!

Making movies is also known to be powerful tool for explaining research problems and challenges for broad audience.

This is a 90-second video "The Secrets of Nitrogenase" created by USC chemistry graduate student Candy Hwang. It illustrates proposed research about revealing the mechanism of bacterial fixation of atmospheric nitrogen.

This work received the second prize and People's Choice Award on 2012 NSF video contest "Creating the Future".

Here is the winner of "Dance Your Ph.D." contest within chemistry section. Very dynamical performance "Evolution of nanostructural architecture in 7000 series aluminium alloys during strengthening by age-hardening and severe plastic deformation" shows changes in structure of metal without any single word! Webpage also provides links to other videos participated in the contest.

Recently Added AAAS Members: there are more short science videos available via the following link.

Recently AddedOngoing competition!

Enter by February 28, 2013 (11:59 PM GMT) to participate in Insight Awards image and movie competition. Three categories are open: Physical Sciences, Life Sciences and Imaris. Requirement: entries must be produced using Andor equipment or Bitplane software.
Check out the works of this year participants and last year winners right now.

Recently Added Upcoming event:

An important matter of making one's ideas clear for both scientific and non-scientific audience will be discussed on "Communicating Science 2013" workshop for graduate students. Find more information on the event's website, register by March 1, 17:00 EST, and come to Cambridge, MA, on June, from 06/13 to 06/15!

  In 2011, Prof. Krylov and Prof. Johnson have established the first science film competition at USC sponsored by the Burg foundation. Several outstandingfilms have been created by USC students in response to the competition.  

The first place was awarded to film "Time" illustrating the concept of entropy and the second law of thermodynamics. The film was created by Kevin Le and Edward Saavedra. Kevin Le is a former Chem 115 student.
The film will be made available when copyright issues are resolved.

Several other excellent films were turned in as well:

2nd place: " It's All in You " of Maria Raykova, Andy Su, Jabril Mack, Mara Guevarra and Kayla Carlisle. The film illustrates how chemical elements were created.

3rd place: " Superluminal Neutrinos in 5 Minutes " of Josh Heineman, Nate Fulmer and Michael Powell.

Honourable mentions:
  • " Dance with Newton's Laws " (Linda Jules, Anna Zaferiou)

  • " Yaddda, Yadda, Yada " (Kimberly Laux, Simon Wilches Castro, Scott MacDonald, Anna Drubich, Laura Cechanowicz)

Press coverage of the competition:

9/22/11: the article featuring the competition on the USC Dornsife College site;

9/22/11: another article about it on the Scientific American Blogs.


The 2013 competition will also be sponsored by Burg Foundation. Here is the link to the website of Prof. Johnson who is organizing this event.

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